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concertVR: dieses ICO ist Zukunftsmusik

ConcertVR wants to establish a completely new concept on the market with Virtual Reality concerts. Interested investors can invest from April 15, 2018. We explain what concertVR is and why a contribution can be worthwhile.

From the sofa live to attend concerts

The goal of concertVR is to revolutionize the music industry. For the first time, the company offers the opportunity to enjoy concerts by the best and most popular musicians in the world, anytime, anywhere. ConcertVR uses the technology of „virtual reality“, VR for short. Concerts by great artists are sold out within minutes. The demand for a way to be there live is therefore often higher than the offer of the actual tickets. concertVR wants to change that and give everyone the chance to be part of the show.

The principle of concertVR is completely new and offers you the opportunity to enjoy concerts of the artists in your own living room, as if you were there live. Thanks to concertVR, you can even be on stage with the musician and enjoy the atmosphere from an unfamiliar perspective. You not only save journeys, but also expensive concert tickets. In addition, you have access to a wide selection of different concerts by artists of various genres. concertVR thus solves the problem that not every fan can be live at a concert, and therefore simply brings the performances directly to the consumer.


concertVR ICO

This is how concertVR works

Behind the idea and project of concertVR stands the Berlin-based company „Goodstuff-Media“, which has been working on the idea of ​​virtual reality concerts since June 2016.

concertVR offers a marketplace on which customers can buy content in virtual reality form and play it with various devices such as the smartphone, VR glasses, the Internet browser or Smart TV. The content is divided into various categories and genres and can be downloaded via the concertVR app. The payment takes place there with the standard payment systems or with cryptocurrencies. If you have any questions, you can simply turn to the staff via the concertVR Facebook page .


Invest with the ICO directly in concertVR

Interested investors and music lovers have the chance to become part of the movement through the concertVR’s Initial Coin Offering. The concertVR Token (CVT) was created on an Ethereum basis. All data is decentralized in a cloud. It also feeds smart contracts, which is not only safe but also saves on transaction costs. The cryptocurrency CVT is considered as a means of payment on the site. The ICO of the CVT Token will take place on April 15, 2018. The pre-sale was launched on 2 April and was already sold out after four days. The idea of ​​concertVR meets with great resonance and appeal among investors and music lovers. It is planned to sell a total of 400 million CVT, which will be distributed to all investors within the ICO. The total value of the total tokens of both phases amounts to a maximum of 61.

Why you should invest

The technology of Virtual Reality has matured and is already being used and used in some aspects. Nevertheless, the concept of concertVR is completely new and creates a remedy at a place where the demand is clearly above the offer. The team behind concertVR also works professionally and seriously. An investment can bring you not only concert highlights home, but against the background of the high demand forecast also a whopping return.


This is how you can participate in the ICO

For more information on the ICO and the opportunity to invest directly in the first tokens on April 15, visit the relevant concertVR website for the Initial Coin Offering . By entering your e-mail address you can be whitelisted, then receive an email and have to confirm your identity. Afterwards, a link will be sent to you punctually to the ICO, through which you can participate in the sale.

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