What is an ICO

An ICO is often referred to as a crowdsale or a donation but essentially is a tool that trades future cryptocoins for current cryptocurrencies that already have a value.

The final point that should be made about ICOs is that they are unregulated. This has its benefits – companies can move faster, but also has its drawbacks – the emergence of fraudulent ICOs.

ICOs, like the crypto world in general, have exploded in 2017. According to coindesk.com, between 2014 and the end of 2016 $295 million was raised through ICOs. In 2017, we have seen that number multiplied by 7, over $2 billion has been raised in ICOs this year.

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ICO Project funding example

To give you a better idea of these types of projects, we will take the Golem token as an example, ‘the worldwide supercomputer’. It is a project that aims to be the ‘AirBnB of the computing world’. They want to rent your idle computing power to another user anywhere in the world. This means other users who require an increased power supply can rent from you and others to fulfil their computing needs.

This is all done using blockchain technology, with Golem tokens being used in exchange. As you can see, this is an extremely ambitious project. Those who are investing in it early on, are investing in a project for the long term because this is project in its current state is worthless, but in 5 years might be worth a fortune.



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