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QTUM kaufen: Vor- und Nachteile der Coin auf einen Blick

Qtum gehört seit Handelsstart 2017 zu den „jungen Wilden“ der Branche. Auch wenn die Währungen bisher nur auf Anteil von 0,2 % am Gesamtmarkt bringt, tauchen in einschlägigen Medien regelmäßig Empfehlungen zum Qtum Kauf auf. Was ist dran an den Kauftipps? Wie steht es um technologische Besonderheiten? Diese Details thematisieren wir hier ebenso wie Vor- und Nachteile zu Qtum. Zuletzt geben wir unsere Empfehlung, wo Sie am besten Qtum derzeit kaufen können.

Qtum price developments 2017 – first successes from June

Qtum is characterized by the fact that the two largest blockchain systems Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently being linked. Many investors have recognized the possibilities and made early decisions for an investment. This, of course, had an effect on price developments. Those who decided to invest, could take high profits with the purchase of Qtum after initial decline phase. After the Qtum price on 24.05.2017 at 6.42 US dollars, the price initially dropped to below 4.00 USD. The following weeks offered several opportunities for the Qtum purchase. At the end of June 2017, the coin reached a market value of around 17 USD.

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Course boom in late summer 2017 and early 2018

In the period until September were a proverbial change of feelings. On September 2, however, the currency broke through the $ 18 mark. From 15 September to mid-November 2018, the price moved almost throughout the range of about eight to 12 dollars, before again clearer price gains were recognizable. From the second week of December everything went very fast. Between 11.12. and 15.12.2017, the price increased from around 11.30 to just over $ 31.50. In the next time frame until December 20, 2017, the Qtum price more than doubled to $ 67.63. The previous record price was reached thanks to the price explosion of 61.75 to 103.45 dollars from the 06th to the 07.01.2018.

Burglaries were not to wait after high altitude flight

Thereafter, there were some settlements before the currency hovered within the range of just over $ 20 and a low of about $ 10 between 9 March to 22 June 2018. Since 23.06. The Coin never noted over $ 10 and was last seen on 06.08.2018 at $ 6.45.

Technical details about the system Qtum

With a market capitalization of around EUR 500 million at the beginning of August 2018 (source: coinmarketcap.com), Qtum ranks 22nd among the largest crypto coins. Often the Coin Qtum of the startup of the same name is called a hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum . The stated goal is to connect different blockchain variants. The combination of the Bitcoin Blockchain with the Ethereum counterpart should serve equally for IT companies, banks and financial service providers as well as telecommunications companies. Other divisions should also benefit according to the developers. A system advantage is the exemplary counterfeit security. The connection of the mentioned blockchainsis made possible by a so-called „account abstraction layer“ system, which prevents problems with compatibility. Master Contracts allow users who buy Qtum to include data that does not come from blockchains in the future. Companies investing in Qtum can develop decentralized apps that do not just work inside the blockchain.

Advantages and disadvantages that play a role in the purchase of Qtum

The problem for some critics is that the system is technically in its infancy. But it is progressing. Especially for business purposes, the Qtum purchase can be advisable. Finally, the developers explicitly promote the favor of business customers. For Qtum speaks that the currency or the platform is not only aimed at the crypto world, but at the same time can be a link to the „real“ world . And there is another argument for investing in Qtum. In addition to big names in the crypto industry such as Ethereum founder Xu Star was early on cooperation with the US-American electronic technology exchange NASDAQknown. The flexibility of the development as well as the conscious orientation of the technology on smartphones as modern means of payment appeals to a huge potential circle of users worldwide. The Qtum trade will probably be even more attractive in the future, so that the price falls should soon belong to the past.

Price Forecast for Cryptocurrency Qtum 2019 – buy or wait?

Following the gradual decline following the spectacular rally in early 2018, the recent calming down after difficult periods suggests that the Qtum price is likely to pick up soon. In the meantime, the price has almost reached where the digital currency started just over a year and a half ago. And that’s exactly what suggests that there will be no further decline. On the contrary. Many analyzes point to a stabilization followed by a price gain. At least a development back to a value of 15 to 20 US dollars, experts consider realistic. Now wanting to buy Qtum can have a very positive effect on the portfolio value in such a scenario. So what are you waiting for?

Where can I buy and trade Qtum?

The Qtum currency also offers investors two different options for using the coin in trading. The first way can lead through the CFD broker Capital.com . Difference contracts can also be used to bet on rising and falling Qtum prices. More specifically, the currency pair QTUM and Bitcoin and the mix of the crypto currency Qtum with the real motto US dollar . The latter is a peculiarity, because usually such connections of the digital and real world are still not.

Register at Capital

The Cyprus-regulated provider also provides two mobile apps (iOS and Android) for mobile devices for free. For CFDs – the so-called contracts for difference – it is not about a „real“ purchase of Qtum, but the speculation on the price developments . If you own coins, you can avoid losses on the platform when falling prices by targeting price drops. Experts speak of hedging or „hedging“ here.

If you want to trade with Qtum and buy coins, you can do so through platforms like Binance or Bitfinex . Buyers should note in advance that fees for the exchange may arise. The comparison of the fee models is therefore essential! In addition, the comparison reveals the choices regarding the payment methods. Some investors may already need bitcoins or other crypto currencies to trade Qtum for Qtum buying. Occasionally, platforms allow buying Qtum with fiat money. If you look closely, you can invest directly in Qtum without a stopover. If foreign currency has to be acquired for exchange in Qtum, this can be done quickly and cheaply via Coinbase, for example .

Which means of payment are the crypto exchanges currently using?

As mentioned before, many other points of contact, especially other coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are prerequisites for a Qtum purchase. A platform also allows deposits from the bank account, credit card payments and above all online payment services such as Giropay, Sofortüberweisung , Neteller, Skrill and rarely PayPal . The deviations in this area between the stock exchanges and trading platforms argues once again that investors should first analyze the selection and then buy Qtum. Generally, however, shoppers need a suitable Qtum Wallet to keep their purchased coins safe.

Conclusion to the Qtum purchase

Properly buy Qtum or bet on price progressions? Both approaches have their charm. The direct investment can be worthwhile considering the many technological innovations of the Qtum Blockchain system. And even the recent price corrections are an indication that there will soon be new opportunities for a profitable Qtum purchase.

If you are already ready to invest in Qtum, we recommend Capital.com as the best option . Also recommended are the exchanges Binance , Coinbase and Bitfinex .

Recommended platforms for the purchase of QTUM

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