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Die besten Bitcoin Exchanges 2019

Hassan Maishera

Are you new to cryptocurrency and interested in trading Bitcoin? In this case Bitcoin Exchanges are exactly what you were looking for. We’ve found and tested the best Bitcoin Exchanges for you to trade in as well as the most popular digital currency including Ethereum, EOS and many more coins. Which is the best Bitcoin Exchange? For the winner of our detailed tests, we chose the broker eToro , which is particularly safe and reliable. All important facts about this and all other providers are in the following article.

Our winner exchange: eToro

eToro is a company founded in 2006 that provides eleven crypto currencies that you can easily invest in.

Existing coins

eToro offers you the following eleven different coins to choose from:

payment methods

Positive are not only the offered crypto currencies, where all the big and important ones are, but also the payment methods. Compared to many other trading platforms, eToro offers a variety of attractive options that do not stop at standard options. Credit and debit card are also here, but speed advantages can be found especially when using Paypal , Neteller, Skrill, the Sofortüberweisung or Union Pay.

Art der Exchange

It is a Fiat in Krypto Exchange, which constantly improves the trading experience of its users through its technological developments. The Bitcoin Exchange uses the market maker system to keep the liquidity of the market as high as possible. Some of the world’s largest financial institutions provide financial security behind the construct with their services. Among other things, Commerzbank is involved as a shareholder. The prices should be as competitive as possible and oriented to the real world.

Is eToro regulated?

Yes, eToro is fully regulated on the basis of EU law. Here’s the difference between eToro and most other crypt world exchanges that can not be regulated. The MiFID Financial Markets Directive secures your deposits and protects you as an investor. In addition, for additional seriousness as mentioned a very financially strong owner side. Therefore we recommend the Bitcoin purchase at eToro .

Benefits of the Exchange

✓  Complete EU regulation

✓  Financial background of the company

✓  Many modern and fast payment methods

Eleven different cryptocurrencies  to choose from

Long experience in the market, even before cryptocurrency  introduction

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The Best Bitcoin Exchanges in 2019

We picked the best ten Bitcoin Exchanges and compared them so you can make the best decision with your money.


Binance LogoBinance is a crypto in Krypto Exchange, which was founded in 2017, but soon found favor in the scene. The focus of the company was first and foremost in Asia, before Europe also took center stage. An opening of offices in Malta is planned. In particular, the low transaction costs fit the customer as you in the concept. If you pay with Binance Coin, you even save in addition.

Offered coins 100+ verschiedene Coins, u.a. Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA
payment methods Only cryptocurrencies
Art der Exchange Krypto in Krypto
regulation No

Benefits of Binance

✓  Wide range of crypto currencies

✓  Low transaction costs for all transactions

✓  Rabattsystem Dank Binance Coin

✓  Intuitive trading platform

Disadvantages of Binance

✘  No regulation

✘  No deposit with Fiat currency like Euro possible


Coinbase is a Bitcoin Exchange that has been on the market since 2012. Its focus is on the United States, thanks to its headquarters in San Francisco. Six million users have registered with the Exchange since its release and have the great advantage of being able to deposit with fiat money. So payments by bank transfer and credit card are possible. The company attaches great importance to the safety of its customers.

Offered coins Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin
payment methods Bank transfer, credit card
Art der Exchange Fiat in Krypto
regulation Yes, customer protection up to $ 250,000

Benefits of Coinbase

✓  Fiat currencies available for deposit

✓  Regulation of the Exchange

✓  Big customer base

✓  Trading via mobile app

Disadvantages of Coinbase

✘  Higher fees for credit card use

Only four different cryptocurrencies 

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An extraordinary Bitcoin Exchange is called LocalBitcoins.com, which was founded in 2012 and is now active in around 250 countries. The system behind the Exchange is a bit different than usual. It is a peer-to-peer exchange where people living near each other are brought together so they can trade with each other – even at a joint meeting.

Offered coins Bitcoin
payment methods Credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Neteller, cash and much more
Art der Exchange Peer to Peer
regulation No

Benefits of LocalBitcoins.com

✓  Maximum number of payment options

✓  Ensuring the greatest anonymity

✓  No hacker attacks known

✓  Trustee service

Disadvantages of LocalBitcoins.com

✘  No regulation

✘  Only buy Bitcoin possible


One of the longest running Bitcoin Exchanges is CEX.io , which was founded in 2013 in England. While cloud mining was a big part of the company for a long time, in 2015 it was eventually discontinued despite good results. The focus is now completely on the Bitcoin Exchange. You have the advantage of being able to deposit directly with Fiat currencies while maintaining different cryptocurrencies.

Offered coins Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Stellar, Zcash
payment methods Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Bitcoins
Art der Exchange Fiat in Krypto
regulation No

Benefits of CEX.io

✓  Deposit in fiat currencies

✓  No commissions when using bank transfer

Many coins  to choose from

✓  Long experience of Bitcoin Exchange

Disadvantages of CEX.io

✘  No regulation

✘  Higher commissions when using credit card

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Changelly was founded in 2013 in Prague and has since grown into one of the most widely used exchanges in the crypt world. It is a classic stock exchange where both crypto currencies and fiat currencies can be bought and sold. The concept behind Changelly should always find you the best possible prices. There are over 70 different coins to choose from.

Offered coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and 69 others
payment methods Credit card, cryptocurrencies
Art der Exchange Fiat in Krypto
regulation No

Benefits of Changelly

✓  Wide range of crypto currencies

✓  Fiat money depositable

✓  Perfect for beginners

Disadvantages of changelly

✘  Very high fees when using Fiat currency

✘  No Paypal possible


Coinmama is a Bitcoin Exchange founded in 2013 that wants to put you in the spotlight. This is done primarily through the simplification of operations in the Exchange, which among other things should exclude any hidden fees. Eight different crypto currencies can be purchased.

Offered coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Quantum, Ethereum Classic
payment methods Credit card
Art der Exchange Fiat in Krypto
regulation No

Benefits of Coinmama

Eight cryptocurrencies 

✓  Simply shop by Fiat currency

✓  Long experience in the industry

Fast delivery of coins 

Disadvantages of Coinmama

✘  Purchase only possible by credit card

✘  High fees when buying Bitcoin or Ethereum

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Paxful is a peer to peer bitcoin exchange that is not accidentally called „Uber by Bitcoin“. You can access your bitcoins through hundreds of different payment methods. It is therefore an exchange that truly stands in the middle of society with your approach.

Offered coins Bitcoin
payment methods Hundreds of payment methods (from Amazon Coupon to Cheesecake Factory Gift Card)
Art der Exchange Peer to Peer
regulation No

Benefits of Paxful

✓  geared towards people’s needs

✓  Hundreds of different payment methods

✓  Good security measures

✓ Demand-oriented  customer service

Disadvantages of Paxful

✘  High mining fee

Kaufen  Only buy and sell Bitcoin


One of the biggest names among the Fiat in crypto Bitcoin Exchanges is Kraken. It is headquartered in the US and has been in existence since 2011. Volume BTC / EUR is the highest in the world on this exchange. You can trade the most important cryptocurrencies in the market.

Offered coins Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash und mehr
payment methods Bank Transfer
Art der Exchange Fiat in Krypto
regulation No

Benefits of Kraken

Versatile selection of coins 

✓  Simple purchase via fiat currency via bank transfer

✓  One of the safest providers on the market

✓  Great liquidity

Disadvantages of octopuses

✘  bank transfer often slow

✘  Partly high fees

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Poloniex is a crypto in Krypto Exchange, which was founded in January 2014. She scores with about 70 different coins, among which are some exotics. Thanks to the crypto in crypto approach, you can only make payments via coins, which also applies to the payouts.

Offered coins Fast 70 verschiedene (Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Dogecoin etc.)
payment methods Only cryptocurrencies
Art der Exchange Krypto in Krypto
regulation No

Advantages of Poloniex

Huge selection of exotic coins 

✓ Intuitive Plattform

✓  Security of your data

✓ Margin Trading & Lending

Disadvantages of Poloniex

✘  No payments with fiat money

✘  No German version

How to find the best exchanges for yourself

When looking for the best Bitcoin Exchange for you, you should focus on specific points.

  • fees

Fees are always an important factor. Finally, what’s in it for you to spend a large part of your investment right away? Therefore, look carefully at how high fees for trading, deposit and withdrawal are.

  • Offered coins

If you only want to trade Bitcoins on a Bitcoin Exchange, it will be possible on most platforms. It gets more difficult with the lesser-known coins, so you should inform yourself in advance.

  • Art der Exchange

Not every kind is suitable for every dealer. For example, if you do not want to buy coins first and then trade with them, a Fiat Exchange might be the best option for you.

  • regulation

The safer the better – few exchanges have been able to refer to regulation so far, so it’s even better if your exchange officially complies with EU regulations.

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Was sind Krypto Exchanges?

What are Krypto Exchanges now? It is a digital trading platform where traders can buy and sell bitcoins. You can use different currencies for this: Fiat currencies such as Euro and US dollars or Altcoins. The trading platform merely represents the basis for this trade and therefore acts as a middleman. The traders themselves can choose between Market Order and Limit Order as on the stock market. Among other things, the Bitcoin Exchanges earn their money by levying fees on the various types of trade.

What types of Exchanges are there?

There are four types of crypto exchanges. These all have their different characteristics. Here we explain you.

Fiat Exchange

On a Fiat Exchange act – as the name suggests – with Fiat currency. This means you exchange a certain amount of euros for coins, for example. It’s one of the simplest exchanges because you do not need to take a previous step to buy coins.

Krypto in Krypto

This step is due here because you can only buy cryptocurrencies through existing cryptocurrencies. For example, if you own Bitcoin and you want to buy Dogecoin, trading on relevant platforms is a possible trade.

Peer to Peer

Buyers and sellers trade directly with each other in this form of exchange, exchanging their goods in the form of coins. By eliminating third parties, however, a security risk may arise.


You can speculate with brokers on both rising and falling prices. The advantage here is full regulation if you want to buy for example at eToro Bitcoin . With this extra security you can invest your money much more relaxed.

frequently asked Questions

Which payment methods are the easiest?

The easiest way to work is to use the methods that are especially fast. These include, in particular, Paypal or Neteller. Crypto in crypto usually works fast as well.

How can I make sure my coins do not fall into the wrong hands?

Learn about the Exchange, pay attention to two-factor authorization and cold storage of your balance.

Which is the best Bitcoin Exchange?

That depends on your needs. In any case, our test winner 2019 is the broker eToro , who convinced us in many ways.

Where can I get more information about Bitcoin Exchanges?

A good starting point is always the websites of the providers and the associated community. For all reviews you are in good hands with us.

What is social trading with brokers?

This is an item that allows you to interact with other merchants. You can also copy their trading positions.


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